We maintain three public information registers:

Find out more about our forestry consultation procedures.

Please note: As in previous years, a two week extension will be in place to published PR consultation end dates from week commencing 2 December 2019 to allow additional response time during the festive period.

Register of legacy grant schemes and Forest Plans

This shows:

  • amendments to Rural Priorities Woodland Creation and Forest Plans;

  • amendments to Woodland Grant Scheme (WGS) and Scottish Forestry Grant Scheme (SFGS) cases;

  • amendments to Dedications;

  • new and amended Forestry and Land Scotland Land Management Plans; and

  • new and amended Forestry Grant Scheme Long Term Forest Plans.

All Forest Plans include felling operations. When we're prepared to approve a new or amended Forest Plan, we add the details of the case to the register. These stay on it for four weeks. We display them again once approved. 

Due to ongoing IT changes we are currently unable to display a map of the application. If you would like to see a map or learn more about it please contact your local Conservancy office, and state the  application reference.

Register of felling permissions and Forestry Grant Scheme (FGS) woodland creation applications

This shows:

  • Felling Permission Applications (at submission when we are prepared to approve them and when they are approved)

Forestry Grant Scheme applications (when we are prepared to approve them) for:

  • woodland creation;

  • agroforestry;

  • amendments to FGS Woodland Creation contracts; and

  • amendments to FGS Agroforestry contracts.

When we're prepared to approve a standalone Felling Permission Application, details about the application published on this register. These stay on it for four weeks. We display them again once approved.

View the register of Standalone Felling Permissions and FGS applications.

When we're prepared to approve a Forestry Grant Scheme woodland creation application, we publish application details on this register. The case details stay on it for four weeks.

You can also see a map that shows the boundary of the application, view any case documents and make comments electronically directly to the conservancy.

Register of Environmental Impact Assessments

Under the Forestry (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Scotland) Regulations 2017, Scottish Forestry (SF) must show the decisions it makes about whether proposals for certain forestry projects will significantly impact the environment.

You can see details of the case and our decision at the initial assessment stage, the Screening Opinion (Opinion).

For cases where consent from SF to carry out the work is required, details of two further stages are displayed:

  • When the applicant arranges a scoping meeting; and

  • Our final decision on whether or not consent will be given to start the work

The register of Environmental Impact Assessments page has more information and access to the register.