This page is for farmers and landowners who want to create and manage woodlands on their land.

The right tree in the right place 10

We want to help you farm for the future and understand the potential in using trees.

Whether you want to plant shelter wood or are looking into the woodfuel market, our guidance can help. It shows how woodlands can boost your business and improve its value through diversification.

New to planting trees?

There are things to consider before you start. Look into possible costs, and funding opportunities.

Do you have existing woodlands?

If you already have woodlands we have information on the funding available. This can help you manage them, improve them, and find new opportunities for making the most of them.

Case studies: integrating woodland management and farming

Our farm case studies show how you can do it. These examples have found a good balance between farming and woodland management. Discover the positive impact it's had on these farmer's businesses.

Managing small woodlands in the highlands and islands

This overview shows what's involved in creating and managing small woodlands. It's useful for crofters, communities and small woodland owners in the highlands, Western Isles, Orkney, Shetland and the parts of Argyll. It's also relevant to anyone with responsibility for small areas of woodland.