This page is for appeals and complaints related to grants, felling permissions, and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA). It also details how we will handle the data you supply when you fill out a Felling Permission Application.

We hope that you’re happy with the service you’ve received from Scottish Forestry, and that you’ll have no reason to complain – but we know sometimes things go wrong. We’d like you to tell us about it so we can make things right.

If you need to get in touch about something other than grants and regulations, visit our complaints page.

How we can help

We deal with complaints about legacy grant schemes, felling permissions, and appeals about felling permissions and EIAs. The procedure is slight different depending on what your complaint relates to. Details are outlined in each section.

Forestry Grant Scheme

Complaints should be made directly to your local conservancy office. Complaints about the way we have handled your application will follow the standard Complaints Handling Procedure. 

For information on how to appeal a decision by Scottish Forestry to refuse, withhold, reduce or recover a Forestry Grant Scheme capital payment, please visit the Forestry Grant Scheme Appeals page on the Rural Payment & Services website.

Complaints about payments under Rural Priorities

If you’ve received a decision to refuse, recover or reduce payment under a Rural Development Contracts: Rural Priorities (RDC-RP) and you want it to be reviewed, complete a Request for a Review form. It needs to be sent to your local RPID Office within 30 days of the date of your payment decision letter.

A series of Questions and Answers is available to explain the process. If you have any other questions please contact RPID.

Complaints about legacy (closed) grant schemes

If you have a legacy grant scheme contract (Woodland Grant Scheme or Scottish Forestry Grant Scheme), and we disagree with you about whether or not you have kept to the Plan of Operations or the Terms and Conditions of the grant scheme offer, you have the right to arbitration by a third party. However, your first point of contact should always be to contact your local conservancy office.

Complaints about felling permissions

Complaints about felling permissions should also be made directly to your local conservancy office. Complaints about the way we have handled your application we will use the standard Complaints Handling Procedure.

Felling permission rights of appeal

Under the Forestry and Land Management (Scotland) Act 2018, felling permission applicants have rights of appeal under a new process. The Act allows you to make an appeal if your application is refused or if you are unhappy with restocking conditions associated with a felling permission. You must submit your appeal to our National Office in the first instance.

The new appeals process has two stages. There will be an internal review within Scottish Forestry, carried out by a Conservancy which did not make the original decision. If the internal review cannot straightforwardly uphold the appeal the appeal request will be referred to: The Scottish Government Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) Reporters.

For further information visit our felling pages.

Handling your data

When processing your felling permission application, some of the information you provide us may be shared with third parties and published on public registers. All the data you provide will be handled in accordance with our Felling Permission Privacy Notice.