Scotland's Forestry Strategy 2019-2029 presents the Scottish Government's 50-year vision for Scotland’s forests and woodlands and sets out a 10-year framework for action. It was developed in full consultation with a broad range of stakeholders. Information on how the Strategy was produced, including the consultation process, can be viewed on the Government Forestry Strategies page.



Objectives for the next 10 years

  • Increase the contribution of forests and woodlands to Scotland’s sustainable and inclusive economic growth;
  • Improve the resilience of Scotland’s forests and woodlands and increase their contribution to a healthy and high quality environment; and
  • Increase the use of Scotland’s forest and woodland resources to enable more people to improve their health, well-being and life chances.



Implementation, monitoring and reporting

Delivery of the Strategy will require actions across the public, private, community and third sectors and coordination with other Scottish Government plans and strategies. Actions will also be incorporated into public bodies’ operational plans such as the corporate plans of Scottish Forestry and Forest and Land Scotland.

Scottish Forestry is leading on the co-ordination of the delivery, monitoring and reporting of the Strategy.

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