Scottish Forestry (SF) is responsible for ensuring that project proposals that fall within any of four forestry project types (afforestation, deforestation, forest roads and forest quarries) are assessed for potential significant environmental impact.

If we consider that a project will have a significant effect on the environment, then the person proposing to carry out the work cannot proceed without consent from us. In order to apply for consent, the applicant must submit an EIA Report. For more details of this, see the environmental impact assessment page.

The register of Environmental Impact Assessments is required under Environmental Impact Assessment regulations and shows information about decisions that SF makes during the EIA process. For further information on the projects listed on the register please contact the Conservancy office for that area.

View the register of Environmental Impact Assessments

How does the register work?

The register shows details of individual cases at three possible stages:

  • Opinion: This is the first stage. Scottish Forestry decides whether the applicant must apply for consent. Information about this stage will be displayed for four weeks.

If consent is required and the applicant seeks consent, then details of two further stages will be shown:

  • Scoping: A scoping meeting is held to help decide the issues that must be covered in the EIA Report. Information about this stage will remain on the register for five weeks
  • Determination: This is the final decision stage. Scottish Forestry decides whether to give consent for the project after receiving the EIA Report. Information about this stage will be displayed for six weeks. During this period anyone may appeal to the Court if Scottish Forestry has granted consent for the project

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