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What is a consultation? 

Consultations are an essential part of the decision making process. Before deciding whether to approve specific types of forestry activities we consult local authorities and other organisations with statutory powers in relation to land use, and make applications available for public comment by means of our public registers.

Statutory consultees, local people and interested parties can offer valuable knowledge and insights that can be of great assistance when formulating forest management or woodland creation proposals. Moreover, developing a proactive dialogue can help improve decisions, implement forestry proposals more effectively, and lead to a culture of co-operation and support.

Our forestry consultation procedures identifies which type of forestry activities we consult on, where you can find more information on a particular project and how you can provide us with your comments. It also sets out our process for resolving complex cases, complaints and appeals.

Current consultations

View our 'Public registers' for current consultations.

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