The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA) provides individuals with a right to request any recorded information held by Scotland’s public authorities. Anyone can use this right, and information can only be withheld where FOISA expressly permits it.  

Section 23 of FOISA also requires that all Scottish public authorities maintain a Guide to Information.   The Guide is based on the Model Publication Scheme, developed and approved by the Scottish Information Commissioner, which sets out the types of information that a public authority routinely makes available.  

The Commissioner is responsible for enforcing FOISA.  

The Commissioner’s Model Publication Scheme is designed to ensure that authorities meet their obligation to take account of the public interest in providing access to the information that they hold which relates to:

  • the services they provide;
  • the costs of those services;
  • the standard of those services;
  • the facts that inform the important decisions they take; and
  • the reasoning that informs their decisions.

 Scottish Forestry have made a commitment that, subject to the exceptions set out in the Legislation, we will publish all information which we hold which falls within the classes of information in the scheme. The information we publish through the model scheme is, wherever possible, available on our website.