What is the role of the Senior Operations Group (SOG)?

The role of the SOG is to support the to define, discuss and resolve key operations issues impacting upon delivery, and where necessary to escalate to the Senior Executive Team (SET), presenting advice and solution options.

Operational issues include those relating to the regulatory, grant management and professional forestry activities of the Agency. The Group will have responsibility for assuring SET that the operational processes and procedures of SF are, as far as possible, consistently implemented across Scotland.

Terms of reference 

Read the SOG's Terms of Reference.


Team member Title
Brendan Callaghan (Chair) Director of Operational Delivery
Alan Hampson Director of Policy and Practice
Zahid Deen Director of Transformation and Corporate Services
Steven Hutcheon Conservator, Grampian
Doug Howieson Conservator, South Scotland
Cameron Maxwell Conservator, Perth & Argyll
John Risby Conservator, Highlands & Islands
Keith Wishart Conservator, Central

Please note, other Scottish Forestry staff may also be invited to support discussions on particular matters.


The SOG meets at least every 2 months.


 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you've a question relating to minutes.