Achieving Diversity in Scotland's Forest Landscapes

This guidance is aimed at the owners and managers of conifer woodlands over 100 ha in size which have been planted primarily for timber production. It demonstrates ways in which the ‘diversity’ requirements of the revised UK Forest Standard and the accompanying suite of Forest Guidelines can be put into practice.

Action on Climate Change Joint Statement

This document is a joint statement on climate change between The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), Forestry Commission Scotland (now Scottish Forestry) and Historic Scotland.

Assessing the Wider Benefits of the Woodland Carbon Code

This report assesses the wider (non-carbon) benefits of the Woodland Carbon Code (WCC). It is based on information from 220 WCC projects as of December 2015, which cover 15,841 ha of land in the UK.

Climate Change Programme

This climate change programme develops the commitments made in the Scottish Forestry Strategy which, since its publication in 2006 has given strong emphasis to the role of Scotland’s forests in mitigating, and responding to, climate change.

Deciding Future Management Options for Afforested Deep Peatland

This guide explains the factors to consider when seeking felling approval from us for forestry on a peatland habitat.

Developing Native Woodland Habitat Networks

This note advises land managers how to locate native woodland expansion in order to help to develop habitat networks and deliver Scottish Forestry Strategy targets.

Energy Forestry Exemplar Trials: Establishment Guidelines

This document outlines the establishment process for energy forestry exemplar trials.

Future Options for Forest Carbon Markets in Scotland and the UK

This report was commissioned by ClimateXchange in response to a request from the Forestry Commission for a study, with particular reference to Scotland, to identify future options for the operation of forest carbon markets in the UK which could recognise the potential contribution of UK forests.

Impacts of Climate Change on Forestry in Scotland: A Synopsis of Spatial Modelling Research

This Research Note provides an initial synopsis of the likely impacts of climate change, with preliminary recommendations to support development of a climate change action plan for forestry in Scotland.

Sheep Farming with Trees Factsheet

An overview of how your flock and business can benefit from forestry grants.

The Scottish Government's Rationale for Woodland Expansion

This document lays out the Scottish Government’s thinking on how woodland expansion can best increase the delivery of public benefits from Scotland’s land.

Using Scotland's Forests to Help Mitigate Climate Change

This review outlines the options for maximising the role of the national forest estate to help mitigate climate change.