Public Registers

Consultation Paper - Future Grant Support for Forestry

This consultation exercise seeks to draw on the views, insights and experience of landowners, land managers and the people of Scotland in the further development of grant support for forestry post-2025 and into the future.

Forestry Engagement and Consultation Processes

This document, updated in September 2023, sets out the engagement and consultation processes for forestry plans and proposals in Scotland.

The first section is aimed specifically at providing local communities and stakeholders with an overview of the opportunities for engagement and consultation.

The remainder of the document is aimed at all interested parties and sets out the engagement and consultation processes that should be followed for different types of forestry proposals and plans.

Public Register Extension Dates 2019/20

A list of extension dates to public register consultations during the festive period 2019/20.

Scottish Forestry and Statutory Consultees Joint Working Agreement

This agreement explains how Scottish Forestry and their Statutory Consultees will work together effectively to deliver forestry alongside policies and legislation pertaining to:

  • historic environment
  • biodiversity
  • landscape
  • water