Chalara ash dieback in Scotland

An Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Ash Dieback in Scotland

This report sets out the main potential impacts of ash dieback caused by Chalara fraxinea covering the likely environmental, economic, landscape and social consequences.

Ash Dieback Risk Group Scotland

Scotland is gearing up to deal with a significant increase in damage likely to arise from ash dieback over the coming years.

Chalara Action Plan for Scotland 2018

This action plan outlines the strategic objectives and key priorities in dealing with Chalara dieback of ash in Scotland.

Management of Native Ash in Scotland

The main purpose of this note is to offer guidance on managing existing native woodlands that contain ash trees, including those of high nature conservation value, to ameliorate the potential impacts of ash-dieback on biodiversity, and to encourage ecological functioning in these ecosystems.

Managing individual ash trees affected by ash dieback in Scotland

Guidance on the management of individual ash trees affected by ash dieback in Scotland