Advice and Information

Advice on Replanting Sites Affected by Phytophthora Ramorum

This document provides advice on replanting a site which has been affected by Phytophthora ramorum.

Phytophthora Ramorum Poster: Advice on Reducing the Spread

A poster highlighting ways to reduce the spread of Phytophthora ramorum.

Phytophthora Ramorum Poster: Harvesting Advice

An explanatory poster for use on sites where harvesting of Phytophthora ramorum infected trees is being undertaken.

Phytopthora Ramorum: Operational Procedures in Scotland

Details of the operational procedures for tackling Phytophthora ramorum on larch within and out with the management zone.

Three Larch Risk Zones Map

A map showing the three Phytophthora ramorum risk zones.