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Non-native species and forestry

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Invasive Rhododendron

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Invasive Rhododendron

An Approach to Prioritising Control of Rhododendron in Scotland

This document is aimed at supporting decision makers in Scottish policy-making, funding and landowning organisations, who must decide on where and how funding is committed in order to achieve the successful control of rhododendron in priority habitats and, in the longer term, across Scotland.

Guidance for Delivering Invasive Non-Native Plant Control Projects

This technical guide accompanies the series of documents covering the approach to prioritising non-native plant species in Scotland. It is intended for project managers and landowners who wish to develop an invasive non-native species (INNS) control project.

Managing Invasive and Non-native Forestry Species

This guidance is for forest owners and managers. It explains how recent legislation relating to invasive and non-native woodland species applies in Scotland, and offers advice on managing them.