Dothistroma Needle Blight: Forest Tree Nursery Transition Scheme

Dothistroma Needle Blight: Forest Tree Nursery Transition Scheme

This document outlines information on the forest tree nursery transition scheme which provides support for infected nurseries, conditional on their setting out and implementing a tree nursery adaptation plan designed to increase their future resilience to Dothistroma needle blight (DNB).

The transition scheme aims to maintain a thriving, DNB-resilient tree nursery sector in Scotland as an integral part of the sustainable development of forestry in Scotland. By aiming to minimise the biosecurity threat and current economic impact of DNB at infected Scottish tree nurseries the scheme seeks to prevent significant damage to Scotland’s forests, including its iconic Caledonian pinewoods. The scheme will support a series of measures for forest nurseries affected by DNB aimed at developing their operational and business practices into ones more resilient to DNB.

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