Variations to felling permissions 

There may be situations when an approved felling permission needs revised.

Before you request any variations to your felling permission, we recommend you discuss this with your local office, as some changes may not need a formal variation. 

You can request a variation to either an entire felling permission or the conditions of a felling permission.

Requests to vary an entire felling permission

We would consider variation requests for an entire felling permission if plans change before felling starts or if you become aware of significant differences on site when felling is underway.

We do not accept variation requests for increasing the size of felling areas or extending the duration of the felling approval. In both of these cases you'll need to submit a new application.

Complete an application to vary permission to request a variation to your felling permission.

Once you've filled out your application, submit it to your local office.

Requests to vary a felling condition

We would consider variations to felling permission conditions such as changes to restocking or maintenance proposals. For example, you may find that it's appropriate to restore part or all of the site as part of a peatland restoration project.

We can also consider variation requests to extend the compliance date of a condition. For example, if you used Forest Research’s Hylobius Management Support System (MSS) to demonstrate that a fallow period would deliver a better outcome for restocking.

Complete an application to vary a condition to request a variation to your felling conditions.

Once you've filled out your application, submit it to your local office.


There are a number of our decisions that may be appealed. A list of what you can appeal can be found on the website.

To appeal a decision you must submit an appeals form within 40 working days of the decision. Please use the appeal notes to help you complete your form.

It's important to submit your appeal in good time as incomplete or incorrect submissions will be rejected. 

Visit Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) for more information.


This process is currently under development. Please contact your local office for more information.