Changes to Felling Permissions 

There may be situations when an approved Felling Permission requires some form of revision, whether it is to the size of area or to the conditions attached to the permission.  

Prior to requesting changes we recommend you discuss your approved permission with your local Conservancy, as some changes may not require a formal variation. 

Applying to Vary or Revoke a Condition 

As a holder of an approved Felling Permission, you may request to have a condition varied or removed from the permission.

A variation to conditions will usually involve changing the restocking or maintenance conditions on the permission. This may for example include extending or reducing their duration. 

To request changes to conditions you can use this template letter.   

Applying to Vary your Felling Permission 

A variation to the Felling Permission may involve changes to the felling and restocking areas or any of the conditions on the permission.

We do not accept variations to increase the size of felling areas or extend the original duration of felling approval. 

To request changes to your Felling Permission you can use this template letter


There are a number of our decisions that may be appealed, a full list of which can be found in our publication ‘Felling Permissions – An Applicant’s guide’ or in section 68 of The Forestry and Land Management (Scotland) Act 2018.

To appeal a decision you must submit an Appeals Form and all supporting documents to our National Office (the address is contained in the appeals form) within 40 working days of the decision.  Please use the Notes for Appellants to assist you in completing your form. Incomplete or erroneous submissions will be rejected, so it is important to submit your appeal in good time. 

Where we refer your appeal to the Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA), the process guide chart outlines how the appeal will be assessed.


This process is currently under development. Please contact your local Scottish Forestry office for more information on compensation.