The Native Woodland Survey of Scotland (NWSS) identified and mapped the location, extent, type and condition of all of Scotland's native woodlands. Launched in 2014, it was the first authoritative inventory of our native woods, and created a baseline for future monitoring of change.

The total area of native woods surveyed was 311,153 hectares (ha) which was 22.5% of woodlands or 4% of the Scottish land area. 

There were also 13,383 ha of nearly-native woods (those with 40 to 50% native species in the canopy).

The most widespread threat to the condition of native woods is excessive herbivore impact, largely due to deer.  Threats from non-native tree species and invasive non-native shrub species (especially rhododendron) are locally important.



What is the Native Woodland Survey of Scotland Data Explorer?

This Data Explorer allows you to investigate and discover information about the location, type, extent and condition of all native, nearly native and ancient woodland surveyed. Within the application, you can view the native woodland areas and associated data including:

  • Species structures
  • Habitat components
  • Canopy structures
  • Herbivore impact
  • Invasives
  • Other traits

These datasets can also be downloaded for analysis or use in your own applications. Visit our 'Open Data Portal' for more details.

Useful information

Native Woodland Survey of Scotland: Glossary of Terms