Resilient forests are those that can absorb and adapt to disturbances such as climate change and attacks by pests and diseases. This will let them stay healthy and sustainable into the future. Climate change is already making itself felt in Scotland, and scientific projections suggest that the speed and impacts of change will increase. For forests, the unpredictability and intensity of weather patterns and the increase in forest pathogens will be especially problematic. They will  challenge our established forestry practices, so it is vital that the forestry sector acts now to start developing more resilient forests. The UK Forestry Standard has a requirement on resilience, which all forest planners and managers are expected to follow. The Requirements and the Guidelines which support it can be shown as: 

Scottish Forestry resources are available to help forest owners and managers implement the UK Forestry Standard requirement on resilience. 

Resources on forest resilience are also available for plant suppliers and the timber industry.