Our native woodlands are one of the most characteristic elements of the Scottish landscape - from the rugged Caledonian pinewoods and birchwoods in Highland glens to the remnant ancient broadleaved woods in Borders cleuchs.

They are home to many species of animals and plants - from wildcats to wood ants and mighty trees to tiny mosses, lichens and fungi.

Action for Scotland's native woods

Action for Scotland's national woods aims to encourage more people, and especially land managers and owners, to think about opportunities to manage and create native woodlands.

Developing native woodland habitat networks   

Developing Native Woodland Habitat Networks advises land managers how to locate native woodland expansion in order to help to develop habitat networks and deliver Scottish Forestry Strategy targets.

Three methods are set out to help choose areas for native woodland expansion:

  • habitat network plans or strategies agreed by local stakeholders;
  • maps indicating potential native woodland network areas; and
  • guidance for building native woodland networks in other areas.

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