UKBAP priority species

Woodland and woodland edge habitats are home to a wide range of animal and plant species recognised as important for biodiversity.

Appropriate woodland management is necessary for these species to flourish. The biodiversity objectives tables identify key species regarded as UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority species. Individual action plans for these species, detailing habitat requirements and threats, can be accessed through the UKBAP website.

Habitats and Rare, Priority, Protected Species (HARPPS)

HARPPS is a database developed by Forest Research, detailing the ecology, conservation status and habitat requirements of a range of priority and protected woodland

Six key woodland species

Six species have been identified for action under the Scottish Forestry Strategy as key species for woodland management. These are:

  • Capercaillie
  • Black grouse
  • Red squirrel
  • Pearl bordered fritillary
  • Chequered skipper
  • Juniper

Detailed information on each of these species is available in Scottish Forestry's Species Action Notes.

Management information for each of these species is available through the UKBAP and HARPPS websites.

Conservation organisations with additional information are: