This section of your grazing plan should summarise what you propose to do to meet your biodiversity and cultural heritage objectives.

Section 8a - Grazing regime

Information for each grazing management unit as defined in section 6a should be entered in a separate row. If the wood is to be grazed as one unit, leave column 1 blank.

In columns 2 to 6, summarise your anticipated grazing regime for the five years of the plan period. If you anticipate changing the regime during the five year plan period, e.g. by mob stocking in year 1, enter the details for each year that the grazing regime changes in separate rows.

Remember that it is possible that you may need to change the regime from that specified in the five year plan in response to the results of your monitoring.

Section 8b - Other operations and activities

This is where you can list the operations, such as bracken control or new fencing, that are necessary to meet your biodiversity and cultural heritage objectives. You can also enter woodland 'activities' such as areas of proposed natural regeneration.

Give quantities and the proposed year in which you plan to carry out the operation. In the case of natural regeneration, give the year that you anticipate the regeneration will become established.

Note: You should show the location of your operations and activities on your grazing management map.