Are you a landowner interested in woodland creation but worried about cash flow? Our new Small Woodlands Loan Scheme (SWLS) could help you by providing a loan to allow you to carry out the work required, before you receive the Forestry Grant Scheme (FGS) claim.

You’ll only be eligible for the Scheme if you and your woodland creation projects meet all the eligibility criteria for the FGS Woodland Creation application. You will need to understand all the criteria of FGS before applying. 

This page provides an overview of how the scheme operates. Please also refer to the FGS and Woodland Creation guidance and to the full guidance on the SWLS.

Who can Apply?

  • you must meet the criteria for applying for a FGS application;
  • to be eligible for a Small Woodlands Loan your application for woodland creation can be no greater than 50 hectares; and
  • it is only available for new applicants to a FGS woodland creation application. 

Full eligibility can be found in the SWLS guidance document. 

How much can be loaned? 

You will receive 50% of the value of the capital items in your approved FGS contract for applications up to 20 ha of woodland creation. The loan value will be based on the size of your woodland creation project. We will offer you a loan on FGS applications up to 50 hectares though the amount would equate to 50% cost on 20ha of your application. 

Please note that if you secure a loan against a FGS contract, then you will only be able to claim the FGS capital items in one claim. Therefore, please consider this rule carefully if your application size is between 20 and 50 hectares as receiving the maximum loan and only one capital payment, once all activities have been completed, may not give you as beneficial a cash-flow as the current claim rules for FGS.  Please refer to the full SWLS guidance for more information.

Applying for the loan 

To apply you’ll need to tell us by ‘opting in’ on the appropriate section within your Woodland Creation Operational Plan (a mandatory supporting document when creating and submitting a FGS woodland creation application).  

The Wodland Creation Operational Plan can be found on the RP&S Woodland Creation page in the supporting documents section. The remainder of the process continues in the same way as the standard FGS process. If your application for woodland creation is successful, then you will be offered a loan agreement. Sign this, and your FGS contract, and return it within 28 days and you will have secured your loan. Read the full guidance for more information.

If you still have any questions about applying, please contact your local Conservancy office.  

Sample Loan Agreement

Before applying, we recommend you read the full terms of the Small Woodland Loan Scheme that you will be signing up to. Read our sample loan agreement.

Your Data and Privacy

In order to protect your personal information, we have set out our policies in relation to handling your date in the Small Woodlands Loan Scheme Privacy Notice.