The Scottish Forestry Corporate Plan for 2020-2023 is our first Corporate Plan. It sets out our Strategic Objectives for the next three years and the priorities which will support their delivery.  

It was originally prepared before the Scottish Government declared a national health emergency on the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Much of the information provides a baseline to support our staff and the forest sector to recover from the impacts of coronavirus. The plan will be kept under review and if appropriate, updated to reflect the Scottish Government’s position on coronavirus.   

The Corporate Plan is supported by an annual Business Plan, which provides more detail on steps we will be taking to make progress towards our strategic objectives for this year. In addition, for 2020-2021, this will also incorporate specific actions for the restart of Scottish Forestry as an organisation following Covid 19. It states our commitment to support the restart and reset of the Forestry Sector in the aftermath of coronavirus. Our Business Plan and our priorities will evolve and change as Scottish Government guidance and restrictions change.