TimberLINK, Argyll and Ayrshire

This case study outlines the background to the TimberLINK service, how it operates and the environmental benefits it offers.

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Brenchoillie, Argyll

Describes a trial in Argyll to convert 1km of public road, experiencing concentrated timber traffic, to a waterbound gravel surface. Maintenance costs proved higher than expected and after several years the road was resurfaced with tarmac.


craik forest

Craik Forest, Scottish Borders

This case study covers the improvement of the single tracked public roads serving Craik Forest in the Scottish Borders. The upgrading involved putting in new lay-bys and resurfacing the roads using a geogrid reinforcing mesh.


Lorg Glen

Lorg Glen and the B729

This case study details the work done on minor public roads in Dumfries and Galloway which were subject to high levels of timber haulage. Road strengthening made use of both steel maccaferri and glassfibre mesh.


Annandale and Ae

Annandale and Ae Timber Haulage Route

This case study describes the construction of a shared 7.5 km in-forest haul road serving Ae Forest in Dumfries and Galloway. The haul road brings timber lorries out onto a section of trunk road, avoiding the use of a number of fragile minor roads.


North West Mull

North West Mull Timber Haul Road, Argyll

This case study describes the development and construction of a 16.5km cross country timber haul route providing access to landlocked forest owned by the North West Mull Community Woodland Company.


Rathad Mara

Rathad Mara and the Floating Piers, Highland

This case study provides background to the development of floating pier infrastructure to provide direct sea access to coastal forests at three locations on the west coast of Scotland.