Catastrophic windblow events are rare. Though their frequency, scale and location are unpredictable, they can cause major problems for society; preventing emergency service access, disrupting electricity, water, phone and gas services and public transport. This can have a significant financial and practical impact.

The Scottish Windblow Contingency Plan details the strategy for dealing with catastrophic windblow events in Scottish forests. It covers:

  • the processes that are triggered when winds of ≥80 and ≥90 mph are forecast;
  • the steps that should be taken to prepare for potentially catastrophic windblow events;
  • the responses that will occur after a potentially catastrophic windblow event; and
  • information about the forest planning measures that can increase the resilience of forests to storm events.

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In light of the current Covid-19 situation any actions required by this plan will follow Scottish Government and FISA Guidelines at the time of the event and during the subsequent operational phase of the plan.