What is timber transport?

Every year millions of tonnes of timber cross the country, benefitting the economy and communities who depend on forest products. This timber haulage is an important part of the forestry life cycle, but often relies on using roads that weren’t designed for heavy traffic.


What we’re doing

In line with the Forestry Strategy, we’re committed to supporting timber haulage best practice. We’re partaking in projects which minimise the environmental and social impact of timber miles.

Strategic Timber Transport Fund

The Strategic Timber Transport Fund is available to projects that minimise the impact of timber transportation on Scotland's fragile rural and public roads. Projects to date have included the development of forest roads that bypass communities, the development of boat and rail haulage facilities and the upgrading of vital public roads.

The fund is delivered through two schemes:

  • The Strategic Timber Transport Scheme provides funding to projects that support sustainable transport of timber in rural areas of Scotland.
  • The TimberLINK Service moves timber by sea on the west coast of Scotland, removing nearly one million lorry miles a year from Scottish roads.

The Timber Transport Forum

You can share ideas and best practice with regional timber transport groups and the wider forest industry on the timber transport forum.

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