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Business Health in the Forestry and Wood Industries (February 2009)
This report presents the results from the 2007 survey of business health in the forestry and wood industries.  The survey was first carried out in 2000 and again in 2004 and it is planned to continue to run it every 3 to 4 years. 

2003 - 2013 (for latest report see IPD website)
The IPD UK Forestry Index is produced annually and measures the return to commercial forest plantations.  It is derived from a series of annual valuations and cash flows for a sample of approximately 160 plantations across mainland Britain.

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Business Health in the Forestry and Wood Industries (February 2005)

This report presents results from the 2004 survey of business health in the forestry and wood industries.  In 2000, a previous survey was conducted with the aim of obtaining benchmark information on the health and financial viability of forest industry businesses.  Following that survey, it was agreed that a shorter follow-up survey should be conducted every 3 - 4 years.

Monitoring the Health & Financial Viability of Forest Industry Businesses (August 2000)

As part of its support for sustainable forest management, the Forestry Commission commissioned Firn Crichton Roberts Ltd and John Clegg & Co to undertake a survey of FIBs which could both generate benchmark information on these private businesses, and also identify potential innovations in business development support for the forest industries in Britain.  The objectives of the research included establishing business health and viability indicators for FIBs; generating a representative survey sample for the constituent forest industry segments; identifying the main economic and policy factors that influence business performance and prospects in FIBs; assessing the business impact of the introduction of Certification and UKWAS; and making recommendations on future business support and survey requirements for the industry.