How we support communities

We empower communities across Scotland by supporting community use, management and ownership of woodlands:

  • We work with others like the Community Woodlands Association to make sure suitable advice and guidance is available

  • We provide funding, through the Community Fund, for community groups to use and enjoy woods including projects supporting The Queen's Green Canopy initiative

  • We encourage engagement with local communities, and for woodland owners and managers to involve them more directly in the use and management of woods, when they can

Our communities work

Our direct support for community woodland groups has helped to:

  • nurture strong, resilient and supportive communities where people take responsibility for their actions and how they affect other
  • increase the value and enjoyment of the built and natural environment, helping to protect and enhance it for future generations
  • tackle the significant inequalities in Scottish society

These are practical, on-the-ground actions that support Scottish Government priorities.

Community woodlands and private sector forest companies

The Community Woodlands and Private Sector Forest Companies guide is useful for community woodland groups who are considering using private sector forestry skills and expertise to develop and deliver their forest-related plans.

Read the Community Woodlands and Private Sector Forest Companies guide.