15 Aug 2023

Skye event to promote growing trees

Crofters and farmers are being invited to an event on Skye which is aimed at showcasing the benefits of growing trees.

Phil Knott, who runs Wildlife Croft at Drumfearn on Skye, is encouraging other crofters and farmers to visit his award winning business to see first-hand how trees have boosted his croft.  

The event is being held on Thursday 31st August between 2-5 pm. It’s the second event Phil is hosting that day due to popular demand, with his morning event already being fully booked out.

The showcasing of the benefits of trees to crofting and farming businesses is part of the Integrating Trees Network, which is an initiative supported by Scottish Forestry and the Scottish Government.

Phil has recently become a host volunteer for the Integrating Trees Network, therefore sharing his knowledge and expertise with others who are thinking of growing trees as part of their business.

He said:

“I’m really pleased that there is so much interest in growing trees. The first event in the morning was quickly booked out so we are now running a second event too.

“During the visit to the croft I will explain how growing trees has benefited our business in so many ways, including providing shelter for the poly tunnel and providing firewood and charcoal through coppicing.

“We’ve planted a further 3,000 native trees, fruit trees, hedges and created wildflower meadows too. This has all created a haven for biodiversity.”

The Integrating Trees Network has been a growing success over the past years with 10 volunteer hosts around Scotland, all using their farms or crofts to demonstrate the multiple benefits of growing trees.

Scottish Forestry’s forestry and farming development officer added:

“The Integrating Trees Network events are a very informal way for crofters and farmers to find out more about growing trees directly from their counterparts on how they did it.

“The great thing is,  it’s an easy way to connect with others too and get their experiences too.”

The Walking and Talking Trees event is free and staff from Scottish Forestry and a Croft Woodland Advisor from Woodland Trust Scotland will also be attending.

Booking is essential and be aware that the event is on steep ground so might not be accessible for all.