23 Mar 2022

Searching for a grand ash in Scotland

Woodworkers are on the hunt for a grand ash tree that might have been brought down by the recent storms, or is due for imminent felling because of Ash Dieback.

If found, the tree will be used as part of a project to showcase Scotland’s hardwood sector and raise awareness of the tree disease which is affecting ash all over the country.  

The Scottish Furniture Makers Association is masterminding the project. They want to create a number of stunning items from a mighty ash or series of ash trees which would act as a centrepiece of a travelling show next year. 

Tom Addy from the Scottish Furniture Makers Association said:

“The storms over the winter have been pretty devastating for many. What we are hoping to do is turn some of what nature dealt us into a positive.

“We would like to hear from woodland owners who think they may have a suitable ash that we could use to promote the hardwood sector.

“Ideally we would be looking for a single decent sized ash, but we would also like to hear about stands of ash that have come down and can be used for this project.”

The SFMA is working with the Association of Scottish Hardwood Sawmillers Association and Scottish Forestry on the travelling show idea. 

Ros Wardman, Scottish Forestry’s forest industries advisor added:

“As part of the project, all the stages from finding the tree, to processing, milling, drying, selecting makers, and creating the furniture, will be fully documented.  It’s a great way to showcase Scottish workmanship at its finest.

“A strong element of the show will be to educate the public about Ash Dieback and other tree diseases affecting the hardwood sector.

“If we can find a grand tree, it would be a fitting and productive end to a tree that was brought down prematurely by the storms, or about to felled because of the disease.”

Woodland owners who think they may have a mighty ash, or ash stands affected by the storms,  should contact the Scottish Furniture Makers Association on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.