29 Jun 2022

Action to build on forestry success story

A number of new actions, to support the ongoing delivery of Scotland’s Forestry Strategy, will ensure forests and woodlands continue to deliver benefits for communities, the environment and the economy.

Over the last three years, over 32,000 hectares of woodland have been created in Scotland, including more than 12,000 hectares of native woodland.

These woods are vital in fighting climate change and nature loss, whilst also strengthening our communities and economy.

A new three year Implementation Plan has been published with key actions to maximise the range of benefits that woodlands bring to the people of Scotland.  

Announcing the new Plan, Environment Minister Mairi McAllan said:

“We are uniquely placed within the UK to enable responsible expansion of nature-based solutions, including increased tree cover.

“We have big ambitions with forestry and to achieve our goals we must work collaboratively.  Key to this is ensuring that forestry fits with other land uses and that we plant the right trees in the right places.

“People and communities must also be at the forefront of our efforts to tackle climate change and we will strive to ensure that no-one is left behind or unfairly disadvantaged. This new Implementation Plan sets out the key forestry actions required to help us achieve this.”

Some of the actions to be taken forward in partnership include:

  • Supporting farmers and crofters to realise the benefits of tree planting;
  • Promoting the use of new wood-based products that can support the decarbonisation of other industries;
  • Scoping and establishment of a technical training hub;
  • Establishing a National Register for Ancient Woodlands and encouraging owners to protect and improve their condition;
  • Developing and implementing a framework to help forestry support community wealth building;
  • Identifying and pursuing opportunities to decarbonise Scotland’s wood supply chain; and
  • Promoting the opportunities for people to engage in woodland-based activities to improve mental and physical well-being. 

Scotland’s forests and woodlands generate £1 billion to the economy each year and support over 25,000 jobs. 

Millions of people visit Scotland’s forests every year for recreation and this improves society’s health and wellbeing.

You can view the new Implementation Plan for Scotland’s Forestry Strategy on this page.