Forest Plans under the Scottish Forestry Grants Scheme (SFGS) closed to new applications in December 2005. Unapproved plans had to be approved by 31 December 2006.

How to get approval for your restocking

You must get approval from the local Conservancy Office before you carry out any restocking. 

We are now only open for claim years in 2015. To be eligible for 2015 payments, your SFGS Forest Plan must still be live in 2015 and the areas to be restocked must have had felling approval under that plan.

If you do not give us prior notification for your restocking proposals, then we cannot pay you the grants.

Rates and how we will pay for restocking grant claims associated with an approved SFGS Forest Plan

You can claim for restocking associated with your SFGS Forest Plan at the restructuring rates agreed for Rural Development Contracts as shown below.

 Restructuring species Rate per hectare
Sitka  £520
Other conifers  £654
Mixed broadleaves  £820
Native broadleaves  £905
Caledonian Scots Pine  £833
Natural regeneration  £520


Please note that since October 2008 if you wish to claim you must be IACS registered. To claim a restocking grant, use Form FP4: claim for a restocking grant.

Claims for the above payment rates can only be made on completion of restocking.

If you have any queries, please get in touch with your local Conservancy Office.

Last Date for claiming SFGS restocking grants

Claims for restocking in claim year 2015

For your 2015 restocking, you must have told us the areas and species you will be restocking before 31 December 2014, the end of the previous SRDP Transition approval period.

We must receive your claims, for the restocking areas and species breakdown we already approved, by 29th February 2016 to allow us to process these before the end of the financial year.

We cannot accept any claims for the “dual grant” after 29th February 2016. (The “dual grant” payment amount is the equivalent of the Sustainable Management of Forests restructuring felling grant plus the Woodland Improvement Grant restructuring regeneration grant).  If you did not inform us about restocking proposals before December 2014 and will not therefore be restocking until late 2015 or 2016 then you must now apply for grants under the Forestry Grant Scheme

Making contract amendments or transferring obligations

Amending an existing Forest Plan contract

To make an amendment to an existing Forest Plan contract, use Form FP5: Amendment form.

Transferring obligations

If you decide to sell any part of your property which has a Forest Plan contract on it, the sale will terminate the authority Forestry Commission Scotland gave you to carry out work under this contract.  You can transfer your obligations under the contract, including grant repayment, to the new owner, provided the new owner agrees to sign.
Use Form WGS 9 - Agreement to transfer obligations.