This section provides information on closed legacy grant schemes:

SRDP (2007-2013): Rural Development Contracts – Rural Priorities

See Scottish Rural Development Plan 2007-2013 for links to details of grants and eligibility for:

Grants for tree health

Prior to the introduction of the Forestry Grant Scheme in 2015, grants for Tree Health were offered under State Aid arrangements.

The Scottish Forestry Grants Scheme (SFGS)

See Scottish Forestry Grants Scheme for details of:

  • making grant claims or amendments to an existing SFGS contract
  • details of the grants approved and paid under the SFGS
  • an archive of SFGS documents
  • making complaints and/or appealing decisions.

The Woodland Grant Scheme

See Woodland Grant Scheme for details of:

  • Changes to the way payments are made
  • Making a claim
  • Making an amendment
  • Change of ownership.