Economic Research

Evaluation of the South West Forest and Forest Futures Projects: Joint Report on South West Forest and Forest Futures (Final Report)

The overall aim of this evaluation was to review and evaluate the performance of the South West Forest and Forest Futures projects.

Feasibility Study for the Valuation of Forest Biodiversity

This report considers how the value of biodiversity can be accounted for in neconomic analyses that suport forest management and policy decisions.

Feasibility Study for the Valuation of Forest Biodiversity Infographic

Infographic supporting Feasibility Study for the Valuation of Forest Biodiversity Final Report.

Feasibility Study into New Financial Mechanisms for Forestry

This paper considers the framework which was utilised by the UK social investment sector to allow a finance market-place to launch, operate and grow on a sustainable basis.

Flood Management and Woodland Creation: Southwell Case Study

This case study assesses the effectiveness of woodland creation approaches in alleviating flooding issues.

Forests' Role in Tourism: Phase 1 Report

The study aims to provide information on the role of various forest characteristics and attributes ingenerating visit-related expenditures. Phase 1 of the study (to which this report relates) is a scoping study to investigate existing research,methodologies and data relevant to the terms of reference.

Forests' Role in Tourism: Phase 2 Final Report

The primary aim of this study was to quantify the economic significance of forest related tourism expenditures in England, Scotland, Wales and at the Great Britain (GB) level.

Forests' Role in Tourism: Summary Report

Ths report summarises the Forests' Role in Tourism Phase 1 and Phase 2 reports.

Future Funding Models for Woodland Creation

This study combines a desk review of the existing finance available for woodland creation with a brief analysis of future demand for woodland products and services.

Future Options for Forest Carbon Markets in Scotland and the UK

This report was commissioned by ClimateXchange in response to a request from the Forestry Commission for a study, with particular reference to Scotland, to identify future options for the operation of forest carbon markets in the UK which could recognise the potential contribution of UK forests.

Gamification within Plant Health in the Forestry Commission

This note raises understanding of gamification, identifies possible applications of gamification to tree health issues and suggest possible ways forward in this area.

International Markets in Wood Products

This information note discusses how markets work to influence timber prices in Britain.