Woman walking her dog in woodland

Can we use our urban woodlands to promote outdoor activity and physical fitness for both dogs and their owners? In 2016 Forestry Commission Scotland, The Kennel Club and Paths for All commissioned some research in communities near urban woodlands in Glasgow. The work focused on providing low cost, sustainable and accessible health benefits for both people and dogs. The findings will be of interest to policy makers and service providers in public health, local authorities, land managers and vets.


Cover of the Dog Walking Research Summary Report

Dog walking research summary report

Let's go walkies! Getting dog owners (and their dogs) more active in woodlands (PDF 5.54MB) shows how dog owners can keep themselves and their dogs happier and healthier by walking more often in forests around towns and cities.


Cover of the Specifications for Dog Walking Friendly Sites document

Specifications for dog walking friendly sites

Specifications for Dog Walking Friendly Sites (PDF 940KB) details how land managers can improve local sites for daily dog walking and destination sites for longer leisure visits.