There are five initial test sites. They have a good geographic and climatic range. It is expected that a sixth site will be developed towards the West Coast, or on one of the islands.

Trial site locations:

  1. Auchlochan, S. Lanark
  2. East grange, Fife
  3. Alyth, Perth
  4. South Balnoon, Aberdeenshire
  5. Sibster, Caithness
  6. Roan Farm, Cumbria (DECC)

In addition, there is a similar trial site just across the Scottish border, near Canonbie, funded by DECC, which will provide information relevant to the Borders.

All the sites are arable or improved grazing, agricultural land classes 3.2 - 4, and will be planted between 2009 and 2011.

The design of the trials comprises 3 area elements:

  • Operational: Large single/mixed species blocks (>5.0 ha) established and maintained as commercial crops by Forest Enterprise.
  • Intensive: A self-contained area, of 4.0 -5.0 ha, which has a range of small research plots looking in detail at various aspects of SRF and SRC.
  • Control: A representative area of 2 - 3 ha in extent left as an unplanted control.