Forestry Commission Scotland and the Scottish Government commissioned Forest Research and North Energy Associates to undertake two pieces of research in support of the Renewable Obligation (Scotland) (ROS)consultation.

The research considers two main questions:

1. What is the best use of biomass & wood fibre in carbon terms?

Report for Scottish Government biomass incentives review: best use of wood fibre (PDF 1.34Mb). The report presents an assessment of the best use of the Scottish wood resource in terms of GHG emissions, comparing utilisation of biomass for heat, combined heat and power (CHP), power and a range of wood-based products.

Presentation (from 20 Dec 2011 seminar): Biomass Research In Support Of The Renewable Obligation (Scotland) Consulation: Part 1 – Best use of wood fibre (Powerpoint, 3.4Mb)

2. Should there be thresholds for small scale electricity generation?

The work has explored whether it is better to use specific types or sources of wood for heating, or in combined heat and power (CHP) generation, or in power-only plants.

In addition the work has compared the carbon impacts of using fibre for energy versus non-energy uses, such as construction

Policy analysis

A policy analysis on setting thresholds for small scale electricity generation has also been commissioned, from Xero Energy:

Read Policy analysis supporting biomass electricity in the Renewable Obligation (Scotland) (PDF 882k)

Presentation (from seminar on 20 December 2011): Supporting Biomass Energy in the Renewables Obligation (Scotland) (Powerpoint 285k)

The work will be used to inform both government and stakeholders during the ROS consultation.

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