Woodfuel provides sustainable, clean energy. Commercial and domestic use is growing in Scotland. This is thanks to its financial and environmental benefits.

Woodfuel advice

Usewoodfuel advises on everything from home heating, to developing a large-scale energy plant. This includes:

  • information for woodfuel users
  • advice for potential suppliers
  • details of funding and incentives for biomass projects

For questions, contact the woodfuel enquiry service.

Funding and incentives

The Scottish Rural Development programme provides grants for woodland creation and management. It also supports micro-enterprise investment in small-scale harvesting and processing equipment.

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive remains open until March 2022. It provides financial support for renewable heat generation. It's paid on completed installations and can reduce cost-recovery time. The scheme is UK-wide.

The Scottish Government's District Heating Loan Fund provides loans for renewable energy technologies to help organisations implement district heating projects that benefit local communities.

Local Energy Scotland manage CARES - the Scottish Government's Community and Renewable Energy Scheme. They provide communities, businesses and other organisations advice and funding in all aspects of local, renewable energy.

Supply and demand

The woodfuel industry needs a robust supply chain. We supply large biomass volumes to industry, but offer extra volumes on the open market. See our current tenders.

Our annual woodfuel demand and usage in Scotland study looks at existing use. It also examines potential future demand in the non-domestic and domestic sectors.

 Energy forestry

Our Energy Forestry Exemplar Sites give us information on the economics, environmental impacts and carbon balance of energy forestry.