Designing for the future means harnessing the versatility and durability of wood fibre as a sustainable material.

We work in partnership with businesses and industry bodies to inform engineers and architects about the benefits of using timber and promote its use as a natural construction material.

Building houses


Most of the houses in Scotland are made of timber, but you may not immediately identify this because timber makes up the frame and internal structures of the house.

Timber structures can be erected quickly, can help reduce the energy costs of a house and have better environmental credentials than most other construction materials.

Useful resources

Wood for Good has comprehensive information on building with carbon and lifecycle data for timber products.

It’s also well worth a visit to the Library of Sustainable Building Materials in Glasgow, which showcases sustainable, traditional and emerging low carbon building products to promote and encourage innovative construction in Scotland using local resources.

sustainable construction timber thumbnail

Sustainable construction timber

Helps designers and contractors source and specify local timber products. It’s also a valuable resource for anyone thinking of using their own timber on a project.


designing scottish housing thumbnail

Designing housing with Scottish timber

Investigates the best approaches for affordable rural housing and sustainable house design through a timber prototype house, developed in partnership with Perthshire Housing Association. A useful report synopsis is also available.


green oak in construction thumbnail

Green oak in construction

A practical guide for traditional and modern designs using freshly cut oak, and the case studies included in this publication are also a useful reference.


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The carbon benefits of using timber in construction

This construction materials emissions study gives us an overview of the carbon dioxide emissions of different building materials, and why timber comes out on top.


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