19 Oct 2021

A positive career in forestry

With COP26 on the go, and forests and woodlands being centre stage around the world, we thought it was a good idea to check in on one of our graduates who not long ago started a career in forestry.

Here’s a guest blog by Jane Gibson, who now has a permanent job with our team in Selkirk.

Jane says she feels positive about a career with Scottish Forestry at a time when forestry has a key role to play in helping Scotland tackle climate change and contribute towards a sustainable future.

Jane Gibson

I joined Scottish Forestry in February 2021 as a graduate assistant woodland officer, working part-time based in Selkirk with the “Hub” scheme.

Starting a new job remotely was a bit daunting, however, my colleagues at both the graduate Hub and Selkirk office were very supportive and I was able to keep in touch regularly via site visits together and online meetings.

All the graduate assistant woodland officers from the Hub set up regular meetings to share our experiences, which was really helpful.

Being part of the graduate hub gave me a good insight into how Scottish Forestry worked. Starting off working with the Scottish Forestry team in Selkirk, I assisted with Forestry Grant Scheme inspections and felling permissions.

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This meant that I got a good balance between indoor and outdoor work and this helped to develop my understanding of the grants system through to seeing the end result on the ground.

After four months with the Selkirk forestry team I began working with the Woodland Carbon Code team, assisting in project registrations and GIS mapping. I really found this work interesting and it gave me a better understanding of carbon markets and the role that woodland creation has in managing carbon in the UK.

My experiences so far have given me a better appreciation of forestry in practice and the benefits woodland creation can bring to local communities, wildlife and help to meet climate change targets.

In September I began a permanent position as an Assistant Woodland Officer with the Selkirk team.

I’m looking forward to getting to know the role and the team better. I’m enjoying the diversity of the work and learning something new each day!