What does your role involve? anne mc

“My role as Training and Test Coordinator is primarily to provide support to the staff in the Conservancies – this takes on all kinds of guises:

  • Delivering training on Casebook and Forester Web.  Casebook is the Case Management System used in Scottish Forestry to process Felling Permissions and Forest Grant Schemes. Forester Web is a computer based system used for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on Earth's surface. It is used in Conservancies to map locations for felling permissions, woodland grant schemes, forest plans etc.
  • I keep all guidance and support material up-to-date for Casebook, Forester Web and LIS –The Land Information Search Tool used to search for any constraints on or near the site to be worked on.
  • I create training videos as an additional support aid to complement face to face training.
  • Coordinate testing of the Casebook software.  When a change has been made to Casebook, it has to be thoroughly tested to make sure that everything works and the change has not impacted on other parts of the software.  I write test scripts so that all necessary steps can be followed. The results of the testing is collated and results referred to the System developer to make any necessary changes. I also offer 1-1 consolidation training required by the staff in the Conservancies and I am first port of call for all incidents or requests for change assigned to the team.

What is a typical day like for you? 

"As my job is very reactive I find that no two days are the same and is very much guided by what the System Developers are working on. It might be that we are working on several projects at once so it is important to prioritise the workload to suit the deadlines.

What’s your favourite part of your job? 

“I am a people person and really enjoy working with people so delivering training is a very enjoyable part of the job.  I also like the creative side of the role i.e. creating training videos and guidance documents. The role of Training and Test Coordinator did not exist before I took up the post, so I have no footsteps to follow therefore I am trying to make the role as interesting and varied as possible.

What’s your best achievement from the last year? 

"One of my first tasks when I started this job was to completely re-write the Casebook User Guide.  As I was completely new to this role and had never used Casebook before this was quite a challenge but I found it a really good way of learning the system.  The Guidance is now used widely by the staff in the Conservancy offices."